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Great quality sound is probably the most important thing to any band, artist or party. With a little music (or preferably, a lot!) you’ll have everyone up and dancing in no time. That’s why with our sound system and DJ speaker hire in London, you’re guaranteed to get the party started. Our high-quality sound systems and sound desks deliver beat after beat all night long, and with USB and iPad integration on most models, it’s so easy to simply plug in and play!

For the very best sound system hire in London, check out our great array of products below. With Mackie, our manufacturer of choice, you can rest assured that your equipment is cutting edge and the sound quality is excellent. Whether you’re hiring for a birthday party or a gig, you know you’re getting the kit at the most affordable prices around.

If you run into difficulties setting up your equipment, our friendly and approachable team of sound experts are only too willing to help out. If you have anything on your mind, simply call by our office; we’ll be delighted to discuss it with you and give you the best possible experience.

We’re proud of giving our customers the best possible service, and believe we offer the best DJ speaker hire in London. If you wish to discuss our products and services, please get in touch; we can be contacted either by telephone at 0845 017 5005 or email at If you want to keep up with all the latest news, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mackie SRM150 Active Loud Speaker

Don’t be fooled by the 150-watts power rating, this ultra-compact three-channel PA system from industry leader Mackie punches well above its weight with a Class D amplifier and 5.25 inch, full-range, weather resistant neodymium driver allowing it to knock out an impressive 120dBL at one metre. Perfect for small venues and solo or duo artists playing in bars, the SRM150 also makes an excellent personal monitor, which can be mic stand mounted (you should just see how compact these things are!) or angled up from the floor with the included stand adapter. With loads of built-in features, including an on-board three channel mixer (each channel with its own level controls), two combo XLR/TRS connections, a stereo channel for CD/MP3 input, full phantom power and three channel EQ, the SRM150 is a power and flexible speaker in a tiny but tough and stylish package.
Product Height (cms): 20.3
Product Depth (cms): 17.3
Product Width (cms): 28.4
Product Weight (kgs): 3.40
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 100
Additional Features:
• 3-channel mixer with 3-band active EQ • Two high-headroom Mackie Mic/line preamps with 48V phantom power • Instrument-ready input (no DI required) • Dedicated stereo channel for keyboards, CD, MP3, iPods, etc. • Combo "line in" for linking or adding inputs • XLR "thru" with mic/line switch for linking more SRM150s or direct send to main PA • Complete system protection with built-in limiter • Integral aluminum heat sink • Mic stand integration system for use with stand and boom • Tough, impact-resistant, polypropylene enclosure
Important Notes:
• Frequency Response: 100Hz to 17.5kHz
£25.00 PER DAY
Mackie SRM350 Active Loud Speaker

The latest revision to a legendry speaker, this 200W Mackie with ultra-wide dispersion and professional grade transducers delivers clear bass and well defined HF in even the most chaotic, sound unbalanced environments. An active speaker (with a built in amp removing the need for an external module) with an ultra-portable, lightweight design, the Mackie SRM350v2 is easy to transport and effortless to set up. Mountable on poles or usable as a floor wedge, this speaker is perfect for small venues such as pubs, or as a stage monitor for DJs.
Product Height (cms): 52.7
Product Depth (cms): 31.3
Product Width (cms): 33.3
Product Weight (kgs): 25.00
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 120
Additional Features:
• Very powerful for its size (2-way 200W speaker) • Active speaker system (no need for external amp) • Sophisticated integrated circuitry to deliver of much more power and clarity • Can be fly mounted from any angle or used as a floor wedge
£25.00 PER DAY
Mackie SRM450 v2 Active Loud Speaker

Featuring the same portability, attractive design and rugged build as its younger sibling the SRM350 v2, the Mackie SRM450 v2 is our customers number one speaker choice thanks to its thumping 2-way bi-amped 400W output. Powered by the same advanced technologies found in the SRM350 v2, which ensure a deep, punchy bass and clear high frequencies, this versatile speaker packs more than enough power to fill a busy house party or act as a front of house speaker to a band playing in up to a medium sized venue.
Product Height (cms): 66.3
Product Depth (cms): 37.6
Product Width (cms): 40.6
Product Weight (kgs): 18.10
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
• Thumping 400” 2-way speaker • Active speaker system (no need for external amp) • Sophisticated integrated circuitry to deliver of much more power and clarity • Can be fly mounted from any angle or used as a floor wedge.
£30.00 PER DAY
Mackie DLM8 Active Loud Speaker

If you want to wage war on your audiences’ eardrums, then look further than the ground-breakingly innovative of new DLM range of Powered speakers by Mackie. The DLM8 outputs a staggering 2000W via its 8” active speaker with TruSource technology, ensuring that your audience will experience stunning clarity, consistent dispersion and unmatched fidelity. Featuring a revolutionarily compact design, the DLM8 comes with the DL2 on-board digital mixer, which features versatile dual input channels, a 3-band EQ and 16 different channel effects.
Product Height (cms): 31.3
Product Depth (cms): 30.2
Product Width (cms): 30.7
Product Weight (kgs): 10.00
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 250
Additional Features:
6 speaker modes for perfect voicing On board 3 channel digital mixer Pole or wall mountable, flyable, or perfect for use as personal monitor thanks to a built- in kickstand
Important Notes:
Freq. response 65Hz – 20kHz (-10dB)
£40.00 PER DAY
Mackie DLM12 Active Loud Speaker

The big brother to the mind-blowingly powerful DLM8, the DLM12 is almost identical except that its 12” powered full range speaker gives it more room to strut its stuff. Pumping out the same awesome 2000W of high octane sound, the DRM12 features the same super-compact and lightweight design, advanced TruSource driver technology and DL2 digital mixer.
Product Height (cms): 40.3
Product Depth (cms): 36.3
Product Width (cms): 38.9
Product Weight (kgs): 14.10
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 250
Additional Features:
6 speaker modes for perfect voicing Revolutionary compact and ultra-lightweight design (32lbs) On board digital mixer Pole or mountable, flyable, or perfect for use as personal monitor thanks to built- in kickstand
Important Notes:
Freq. response 38Hz – 20kHz (-10dB)
£40.00 PER DAY
Mackie DLM12S Active Subwoofer

Like its sibling speakers, the DLM12s powered subwoofer outputs an awesome 2000W of ultra-efficient class-d amplification to shake the house down, and shares their uniquely compact and lightweight design. However, not content with being a low frequency power-house, the DLM12s packs a one-touch digital processor with OLED screen to give variable crossover control for optimization with any loudspeaker. It also incorporates 6 XLR connects for maximum flexibility.
Product Height (cms): 45.5
Product Depth (cms): 52.0
Product Width (cms): 41.7
Product Weight (kgs): 21.70
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 250
Additional Features:
Revolutionary compact and ultra-lightweight design One touch digital processor with OLED screen 6 XLR connects 2 x level inputs, 2 x full-range outputs for side fills etc., 2 x high-pass outputs for direct connection to DLM loudspeakers
Important Notes:
Freq. Response 35Hz – 120Hz (-10dB)
£40.00 PER DAY
Mackie HD1531 3 Way Active Loud Speaker

To really blow your grannies stockings off, try this 1800W active speaker for size! Featuring triple amps (bass, mid and high) so that it can accurately reproduce across the whole sound spectrum, this beefy speaker is the most powerful in its class. In addition to the patented circuitry designed to optimise listeners auditory pleasure that Mackie usually include in their speakers, the HD1531 comes with a built in 3-band equaliser so each speaker’s output can be tweaked to perfection. Whether at a busy night-club or on a Notting Hill Carnival float, these speakers are ideal for any time you want to make a lot of noise!
Product Depth (cms): 47.8
Product Width (cms): 46.4
Product Weight (kgs): 43.50
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
• Gut-wrenching 1800W 3-way speaker • Active speaker system (no need for an external amp) with HD audio processing • Adjustable 3-band equaliser • Surprisingly lightweight and compact for the power it packs
Important Notes:
Floor, Pole or Fly mount
£75.00 PER DAY
Mackie HDA 1200w Active 2-Way Loud Speaker

Engineered by industry leaders EAW, the 1200W Mackie HDA High-Definition Arrayable Powered Loudspeaker System is designed to be a highly flexible solution. The 2-way speakers are highly configurable, so a number of these units can be combined for maximum coverage of the audio spectrum. Three of these units can in fact be linked together and sit on top of a Mackie HD1801 bass bin to create a stylish, full range speaker array!
Product Height (cms): 37.3
Product Depth (cms): 40.5
Product Width (cms): 62.8
Product Weight (kgs): 26.70
Power Consumption (watts): 200
Additional Features:
Three-position voicing switch to simplify array voicing HD digital processing
£75.00 PER DAY
LD Maui 28 White Active Speaker System

For the ultimate in portable set-up-and-go speaker systems, we’ve moved away from our usual love of all things Mackie to bring you the LD Maui (Multiple Array User Intuitive) 28 ‘all-in-one’ speaker system. The ideal solution for musicians and DJ’s who want to set and pack down quickly, this system has no wires, making it truly plug-and-play. However, with two full range speakers and two subwoofers ( 2x 200W arrays) giving great coverage and well balanced sound distribution to all corners of a venue, this is no slouch in the sound department. It also ideal for those who like their speaker systems white!
Product Height (cms): Sub 39 / Satallite 11
Product Depth (cms): Sub 51/ Satallite 9
Product Width (cms): Sub 45 / Satallite 79
Product Weight (kgs): 47.00
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
All in one Active speaker PA system 200W (total) full range speakers 200W (total) twin 8” subwoofers frequency-response-based 4.1 five-way amping for balanced sound
£150.00 PER DAY
Mackie SRM1801 Subwoofer

The perfect companion to the SRM350v2 or SRM450v2, this active 15” bass-bin will deliver 500W of continuous power deep bass frequencies. The integrated amp, built-in crossover unit and advanced Active system controls ensure this subwoofer is a compact, complete solution to your low frequency needs. Additional bass-bins can be easily daisy chained for an even deeper bass experience.
Product Height (cms): 61.2
Product Depth (cms): 64.3
Product Width (cms): 51.3
Product Weight (kgs): 33.10
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 160
Additional Features:
Optimised on-board Active system controls Can top-mount a speaker pole
£35.00 PER DAY
Mackie HD1801 Active 18" Subwoofer

These finely tuned 18” 1600W powered subwoofers deliver massive amounts of deep rich bass to give any audience a sonic experience they will remember! Designed to be the perfect partner to the Mackie HD1531 range speakers (above), these big boys work just as well with the SRM450v2’s or HDA’s. Compact and lightweight despite their massive power, and ‘built like a tank’, they are ideal for transporting between gigs.
Product Height (cms): 58.4
Product Depth (cms): 65.5
Product Width (cms): 58.4
Product Weight (kgs): 48.10
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 300
Additional Features:
• Designed and tuned by Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) • Active electronics provide total system optimisation
£65.00 PER DAY
Portable Battery Powered PA System

Perfect for performers who value ease of set-up and portability, this self-contained 150-watt PA unit comes with a wireless neckband microphone and built-in VHF receiver which, along with the integrated trolley handle, built-in wheels, and rechargeable battery, makes it the ultimate in ‘trundle-and-play’ (no plugging needed!) functionality. The QR10 can also be pole mounted, has 2 TRS mic inputs (with 2-band EQ and echo effect) and an internal USB/SD/FM player, which is ideal for playback of backing tracks.
Product Weight (kgs): 10.10
Additional Features:
• Echo effect for microphones • VHF neckband microphone included • Integral USB/SD/FM player with record feature & remote • Mains/rechargeable operation • Built-in trolley facility • Switchable VCV "mic override" function • Internal 35mm pole fitting
Important Notes:
• Mains recharge from 12v adapterMains recharge from 12v adapter • Battery Life up to 8 hours
£60.00 PER DAY
Martin Audio MLA Mini - (Single Unit)

£30.00 PER DAY

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