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DJ Equipment

DJ equipment rental in London is our speciality. For anyone looking to hire the perfect DJ set, look no further than London Disco Hire and our superb list of products below. We’ve got stands, we’ve got stage skirting and we’ve got podiums. Ideal to combine any way you want to create any number of variations for your DJ, this unparalleled list of options for disco equipment rental in London ensures that your music maestro holds his or her rightful place amidst the tower of tunes. For the very best, most dynamic DJ equipment rental in London, it can only be London Disco Hire.

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Numark C3 Mixer

This five channel (plus DJ mic input), rack mountable mixer comes with a massive range of inputs so you can easily add CD players, turntables, samplers and more to the mix, while each channel comes with a 3 band EQ to give you a high degree of control over your mixes. A perfect match for our Numark MPCD33 CD decks (see below), the dual USB ports on this mixer make it easy to input music from you laptop for mixing, and to record your mixes for later playback. With no need for software drivers in Windows or OSX, this funky bit of kit works with almost all audio software.
Product Height (cms): 10.2
Product Depth (cms): 17.8
Product Width (cms): 48.3
Product Weight (kgs): 4.58
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 14.7
Additional Features:
Split or blend cueing, plus PFL gain adjust with meter Fader start capability Panning for master output Replaceable assignable crossfader DJ mic input
£25.00 PER DAY
Encore 2000 Dual CD Player, Mixer & Midi Controller

The American Audio Encore 2000 is a compact CD player and mixer which combines incredibly useful features, such as 2 bright LCD screens, an MP3 player cradle, 2 USB inputs (ideal for plugging in thumb drives and hard drives), balanced XLR outputs, touch sensitive scratching and a MIDI interface with all the portability a mobile DJ could dream of. Switching between inputs is a breeze (you can even mix 2 tracks from the same input source), and the included Virtual DJ LE software is perfect for making full creative use of the MIDI interface.
Product Width (cms): 28.5
Product Weight (kgs): 5.00
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Power Consumption (watts): 450mm x 285mm x 110mm
Additional Features:
All-in-one MP3/CD player + 2-channel pro mixer + MIDI controller Bundled with Virtual DJ LE software Built-in 4 x 4 audio interface Digital scratch effect Seamless loop Tempo lock USB media player fader start Relay playback Includes MP3 cradle that mounts directly to the Encore 2000 Master level, mic level, cue mix & cue level adjustment
£50.00 PER DAY
Pioneer CDJ350 CD Player / Power

A great entry-level DJ deck that will play most digital music formats (including MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF) either from CD (CD-R/RW) or via USB, the CDJ-350 lets you create and edit playlists right from the deck. Featuring a BMP lock to you help you match tempos between tracks, a pair of these decks matched to the DJM-350 mixer (above) makes a cost effective but very effective in-the-box DJing solution.
Product Height (cms): 10.2
Product Depth (cms): 28.8
Product Weight (kgs): 2.30
Product Power Source: Figure 8 Belkin Power Cable
Additional Features:
Plays most music formats Plug & Play control of compatible DJ software via USB
£25.00 PER DAY
Pioneer CDJ900 CD Player / Power

The smaller brother to the fabulous CDJ-2000, the CDJ-900 is multi-format digital mixing desk which incorporates features that even its bigger sibling might be jealous of. For a start, it has an Auto-Beat Loop section (which allows you to chop and arrange your loops however you like) and a Slip mode. This allows a track to continue to play silently underneath what is playing out, while you loop, scratch or reverse it, so you can be sure of super smooth transitions. Capable of playing tracks from CD, USB or hard drive, the CDJ-900 can share files with up to four other players simultaneously over a LAN connection. Fully MIDI compatible (so you can assign MIDI effects to the control buttons), the CDJ-900 comes with the fantastic rekordbox file management software to help you organise and analyse your music before starting your set.
Product Height (cms): 11.6
Product Depth (cms): 38.5
Product Width (cms): 30.5
Product Weight (kgs): 3.90
Product Power Source: Figure 8 Belkin Power Cable
Additional Features:
Multi-format digital mixing desk Inputs from CD or connected USB device Share music with up to 4 other players over Ethernet LAN Built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card Auto-Beat Loop with quantizing Slip mode rekordbox file management software MIDI map-able
£55.00 PER DAY
Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 CD Player / Power

Although replaced by the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000, the CDJ-1000 mk3 remains perhaps the most widely used digital mixing desk in the world, and for good reason! Allowing you to emulate the feel of vinyl mixing using CD’s, the jog wheel was revolutionary in its day, and the mk3 revision added a unique’ jog feeling adjust’ which lets you alter the jog wheel’s resistance to suit your own mixing style. An SD card slot is included which allows easy storage and loading of tracks, which can easily cued and looped using the built in Hot Loop and Hot Cue features. Added to this is a fantastic multicolour, fluorescent display that is big enough to see all a track details at one glance.
Product Height (cms): 10.5
Product Weight (kgs): 4.20
Additional Features:
Inputs from CD or SD card Jog feeling adjust Large colour display Hot Loop and Hot cue functions
£40.00 PER DAY
Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus CD Player / Power

Big brother to the CDJ-900, this high-end digital mixing desk shares many of its features. This includes the ability to play almost all digital music formats, share music with up to four other players over LAN, map-able MIDI controls, and the inclusion of rekordbox file management software. The CDJ-2000 however comes with a beautiful 6.1” colour screen (the best in the business) to allow easy and intuitive browsing and track selection. A dedicated tag button allows play lists to be created on-the-fly, while the Needle Search / Needle Drop ribbon gives you pin-point accuracy within tracks. The illuminated jog wheel is lovely and has adjustable tension control, while the built-in 24-bit/48kHz sound card ensures that audio quality is amazing. Simply put, this is the best digital CD mixing desk available. ‘Nuff said!
Product Height (cms): 10.6
Product Depth (cms): 40.6
Product Weight (kgs): 4.60
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
6.1” colour screen Share music with up to 4 other players er Ethernet LAN Built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card rekordbox file management software MIDI and HID control
£80.00 PER DAY
Technics 1210 MkII Turntable

Having earned itself a place in the London Science Museum as one of the technologies that shaped our modern world, the Technics 1210 mk2 is a truly legendary bit of kit! This industry standard quartz direct drive turntable is built to an incredibly high standard, and features pitch adjustment of up to 8%, an anti-skate control, a height adjustable s-shaped tone-arm, and playback speeds of 33 or 45 rpm. The precision moulded, die cast cabinet and heavy rubber base ensure there are no unwanted vibrations, and the very high (1.5kg (cm)) torque ensures quick start-ups. For any DJ’s still in love with vinyl, this is the deck you want to spin it on! *Please Note: These turntables do not come with shuttles or needles. If you require them please speak to one of our team.
Product Height (cms): 16.2
Product Width (cms): 45.3
Product Weight (kgs): 15.00
Product Power Source: Hardwired Power Cable
Additional Features:
Direct drive turntable Total quartz locked continuous pitch adjustment up to 8% Precision moulded aluminium die-cast cabinet Highly sensitive low-mass tone-arm Heavy rubber slip-mat and stylus included (option cartridges)
£25.00 PER DAY
Pioneer DJM350 Mixer / Power

A powerful ‘in-the-box’ DJ mixer, the DJM-350 gives you all the tools you need to record professional mixes to USB stick or hard drive via the front mounted USB output. One of the best features of this club style mixer is the ‘track-mark’ button which will split the recording into indexed segments, ready to record without further editing. The 3 band isolator EQ and built-in FX (Gate, Crush, Filter and Jet) on the other hand, give you have everything you need to make that killer mix.
Product Height (cms): 10.7
Product Depth (cms): 30.1
Product Width (cms): 21.8
Product Weight (kgs): 3.20
Product Power Source: Figure 8 Belkin Power Cable
Additional Features:
2 channel ‘in-the-box’ DJ mixer USB wav recorder 3 band isolator EQ 4 built in FX
£25.00 PER DAY
Pioneer DJM600 Mixer / Power

A firm favourite of ours, the DJM-600 is a versatile and feature laden 4 channel FX mixer. With a built-in BPM counter and sampler that can sync FX to the beats, this mixer is a breeze to use! Also featuring a 3-band EQ per channel, adjustable cross-fader curve, and separate mic input, this is a great mixer for club DJ’s out to impress!
Product Height (cms): 10.7
Product Depth (cms): 37.2
Product Weight (kgs): 6.60
Additional Features:
BPM counter (auto or tap) 8 x built in FX Fader start play Adjustable cross-fader curve
£35.00 PER DAY
Pioneer DJM800 Mixer / Power

This sensational, pro-level mixer combines 4 high end 96 kHz/24 bit channels with an array of fantastic FX to give you total creative control of your mixes. With 61 fully assignable MIDI controls and a huge range of ‘sound colour’ FX, including ‘harmonic control’ to line up key changes to the nearest key (thus avoid inaccuracies), and the DJM-800 will spark your imagination and channel your creative energies.
Product Height (cms): 10.8
Product Depth (cms): 38.1
Product Weight (kgs): 8.00
Additional Features:
4 channel 96 kHz/24 bit channel DJ mixer 32 bit sound processor for high fidelity sound 61 Fully Assignable MIDI Controls 4 Digital Inputs
£65.00 PER DAY
Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Mixer / Power

This upgrade to the hugely popular DJM800 focuses on improving connectivity with a rearranged connector panel and seamless plug and play computer integration, which allows MIDI control over USB for such programs as Traktor and Abelton Live. Add to this thirteen flawless beat effects, Pioneer’s awesome Redbox software and new, beefed up FX, and DJM900 Nexus make a perfect centrepiece to any DJ setup.
Product Height (cms): 10.8
Product Depth (cms): 40.9
Product Width (cms): 33.1
Product Weight (kgs): 7.10
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
• Plug-and-play computer connectivity • 13 flawless beat FX • 4-channel 96kHz/24-bit soundcard • 10 cm (3,94") bright dot matrix display • 3-band channel EQ
£75.00 PER DAY
Pioneer DJM2000 Nexus Mixer / Power

This powerful mixer and FX processer was designed to match up with the awesome CDJ-2000 and can connect up to 4 of them (or CDj-900s) at once. The 6 individual FX processers can be creatively manipulated like never before using the innovative multi-touch panel, while harnessing the power of your laptop has never been easier as the DJM-2000 lets you cue tracks, see status information, mix using the laptop's audio signal, and share libraries and playlists with other DJ’s. This amazing mixer is ideal for any professional DJ, and is guaranteed to bring out your most creative beats.
Product Height (cms): 4.1
Product Depth (cms): 10.8
Product Width (cms): 4.3
Product Weight (kgs): 8.50
Product Power Source: IEC Power Cable
Additional Features:
• Large Multi-Touch Colour Screen • Full USB MIDI/HID Control • 11 Enhanced Isolator Beat Effects • Six INST FX On Every Channel • SideChain Remix Effects • 7-Band Frequency Mix Crossfader • Send & Return • Integrated System Approach • 'ProDJ Link' LAN Hub Built-In • 4 ProDJ Link' CDJ Connections • 2 'ProDJ Link' Rekordbox Laptop Connections • 'ProDJ Link' Live Sampler • 'ProDJ Link' Live On Air Status • 19-inch rack mountable
£90.00 PER DAY
DJ Stand (4ft)

£15.00 PER DAY
DJ Stand (6ft)

£20.00 PER DAY
DJ Stand With Goalpost Light Bar

£25.00 PER DAY
Event Protection

Information on this product is currently being updated. If you would like some help or advice please give one of our friendly team a call on 0845 017 5005 and they will be happy to assist. Alternatively you can email us any time using the contact form here.
Product Depth (cms): 200
Product Width (cms): 200
£20.00 PER DAY
DJ Stand Balck Fabric Trim

£5.00 PER DAY
DJ Stand Black Cover

£8.95 PER DAY
Perspex Lectern Podium Stand

£25.00 PER DAY
Stage Deck Grey Carpeted (1m x 1m)

£10.00 PER DAY
Stage Deck Grey Carpeted (2m x 1m)

Information on this product is currently being updated. If you would like some help or advice please give one of our friendly team a call on 0845 017 5005 and they will be happy to assist. Alternatively you can email us any time using the contact form here.
Product Depth (cms): 100
Product Width (cms): 200
£10.00 PER DAY
Stage Riser 20cm High (2m x 1m)

£10.00 PER DAY
Stage Riser 30cm High (2m x 1m)

£10.00 PER DAY
Stage Riser 40cm High (2m x 1m)

£10.00 PER DAY
Stage Riser 60cm High (2m x 1m)

£10.00 PER DAY
1m Section of Stage Skirting (40cm High)

£5.00 PER DAY
1m Section of Stage Skirting (60cm High)

£5.00 PER DAY
Stair to 60cm Height

£0.00 PER DAY

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